Friday, April 18, 2008

Leggo my Ego

My husband's auditing a course at the university where I work so he asked me to pop over to the book store and buy his course reader since I get a piddly staff discount. SO I went downstairs to where all of the course books are and I asked the guy at the counter to help me find this reader. And he said, "oh are you the instructor?"


And then it occurred to me that he thought I couldn't possibly be young enough to take the class. That's a fair assessment I guess. I'm mature enough to know that I don't look 22 anymore. And then I remembered that this was a graduate level course. What? I don't look 26? 30? I mean I could be getting my PhD in the Biomechanics of Hearing, you pinhead! Don't put your shit on me you misguided punk!

And that is when I had to turn on my filter and just respond pleasantly, "no, I'm buying this for my boyfriend."

I'm going to assume this flighty young man just thought I looked especially astute such that clearly I was teaching the course. A prodigy, if you will. A 24 year old professor of biomechanics. Yes, exactly.

I left the store, ego and imagination in tact.